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    By Martin Phelps

    The “Align” tool is located in the expanded section of the “Modify” tab of the ribbon menu as shown in Figure 1, or by using the type in shortcut “AL”, to display all commands that start with the letters “AL” and selecting from the displayed list at the command line.


    To “Align” a “Circle” to a horizontal “Line”.

    Once the “Align” command is active, select the geometry that requires alignment, in this case a “Circle” is selected, confirm the selection by pressing “Enter”.

    Define a suitable base point, for example the “Centre” of the “Circle”, moving the “Cross Hairs” on to the horizontal “Line” will display the temporary “Intersection” snap, “Cross” icon, since the “Intersection” snap is turned on by default as shown in Figure 2.


    However, since setting “Running Objects Snaps” is a user preference and may vary from user to user, other points along the line could be selected, “Snap Overrides” could also be used.

    A temporary white alignment line is displayed, as shown in Figure 3.


    To confirm the “Alignment” press enter, the result is shown in Figure 4.


    Note: - Using this method each object must be “Aligned” Independently.