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    By Martin Phelps

    Create a “Curtain Wall” using “Curtain Wall Empty” as shown in Figure 1.


    Using “Curtain Grid”, sub divide the “Curtain Grid” into panels of the required size. As shown in Figure 2.


    Example grid dimensions shown in Figure 3.


    Load in the required Revit Family using the “Load Family” option in the “Insert” tab of the ribbon menu, as shown in Figure 4.


    Once the Family has been loaded, hover the mouse pointer over the edge of the “Curtain Wall Grid”, to cycle between items that make up the “Curtain Grid”. Press the “Tab” key, keep pressing the “Tab” key until the panel which requires changing to the door is highlighted in blue, as shown in Figure 5.


    In the “Properties” pane, the selected panel is indicated as a “System Panel Glazed”, select the field to display the available options which include the loaded family, as shown in Figure 6.


    Select the required component and the panel will update to the required component, as shown in Figure 7.


    Model shown using [3D] view.

    Note: - The loaded “Curtain Panel” takes the size of the panel created by the “Curtain Grid”.