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    By Dennis Collin


    A common question I often receive in Revit is about how to set or edit keyboard short-cuts to access a range of commands.


    This can be easily achieved by accessing the keyboard shortcut editor either by typing in the shortcut ‘KS’ or via the Options menu or Ribbon. A dialogue will be displayed as per the figure below.


    Several commands have been allocated shortcuts as default, but there are a few notable omissions such as Project Browser, creating a Section view etc. These commands can be listed with a filter function at the top of the interface.

    Select the command that you wish to assign a shortcut to, press the desired key stroke combination and assign it to the command. Once complete the command can be accessed by that shortcut.

    It is possible to have more than one shortcut to the same command and this can be useful if making the transition to Revit from another software like AutoCAD.


    It is also possible to have the same shortcut to different commands, however this generally is not recommended as it tends to cause confusion and have the opposite effect of what keyboard shortcuts are for i.e. increase the speed of working and efficiency!


    A dialogue message will display and inform the user that the different commands can be accessed by the arrow or cursor keys.

    In the example below a new shortcut has been assigned to the Project Browser command. Clicking OK will now save the modified shortcut list to the system.