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    By Dennis Collin


    Recently whilst training, one of my delegates had this issue where he was unable to finish editing a grouping of furniture.


    The cause of this can be for many reasons from a conflicting add-in, project corruption or the group menu is off screen (when working with multiple monitors).

    If it is an offscreen issue, then keyboard shortcuts can be used to return to normal editing mode:

    • FG – Will finish and save the group
    • CG – Will cancel the group creation modification.

    If you can locate the "Group Edit" panel, try dragging it back to the Revit ribbon. If it can't be found after minimising all windows, try using the Microsoft Key + D shortcut to show the desktop, this sometimes brings up floating dialogs into the view.


    It may also appear if the Microsoft + P shortcut is used and select the option to see the PC screen only. Right click the Windows task bar and choose the Cascade Windows option. Switch to the Revit application and the Group edit buttons should be visible somewhere on the screen.

    These options also work with other similar editing tools like Assemblies and Pattern Fills.