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    By Florentina Stirbu


    In Autodesk Vault, there are some default user defined properties (UDPs) that are already mapped to file properties. One of the commonly used UDPs is Comments, which by default is mapped to the “Comments” standard text property.


    A predefined list of values can be set up for any UDP. Enforcing this list will flag as noncompliant any files where the property value is not part of this list.


    When editing the property through the Vault Client, the user should see the list of values and can choose one.

    However, this does not work as expected for the Comments UDP with the default mapping in Vault 2020 or newer. This issue is being investigated by Autodesk – more information in this AKN article.

    If a multi value list is needed for the Comments UDP, a valid workaround is to map a custom file property to this UDP instead.



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