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    by Dennis Collin


    A few Revit versions ago, level objects were set to be visible in 3D views. With the release of 2022 last week Grids are also visible. To make them visible , click the show grid visibility controls and select the appropriate intersecting level.


    Fig. Setting Grid objects to be visible within a 3D view.


    The latest release of Revit has many other new features and improvements, a selection of some of these improvements are listed below. I will post about these and other developments in more detail over the coming weeks.

    • Revit Built-in PDF Exporter.
    • Show Wall Core Only.
    • Tapered Walls.
    • Filter by Family and Type in Schedule View.
    • Split Schedule Across Sheets.
    • Remember Last Used Tab in Material Browser.
    • Load Autodesk Family Navigation Tools.
    • Revision Numbering Enhancements.