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    By Dennis Collin


    Dynamo is a visual scripting environment that has been included in Revit for the past few years. I was recently asked whether Dynamo could be used for extracting information such as the View Range settings from Floor or Structural Plan Views. The answer is yes, with help from a custom Python node and the Hot Gear Package which has a node for interrogating the active plan view.


    The sample script above, obtains the various offsets for the view range extents, converts the units from feet to millimetres and then combines the values with some headers and outputs to a watch node for review.

    An image for the Python script to obtain the offset information is shown below. Whilst I am not by any means a Python expert, looking on the Dynamo forums will provide information on scripts, coding and bespoke packages. The python script can be simply typed whilst editing a Python script node, alternatively copied and pasted from a simple text editor package like Notepad.



    This script will only work for the current plan view, but in a future post I will show how this can be done on multiple plan views and extract the information to a schedule!