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    by Florentina Stirbu


    When setting up Inventor drawing templates, it is best to include the revision table as well. This blog will list the steps to set up a Vault revision table for Inventor drawings. For AutoCAD based products, see this post.

    1. Configure the Vault Revision Table – Revision table control must first be enabled in Vault. Administrators can turn this on by accessing Tools -> Administration -> Vault Settings -> Behaviours-> Revision table…


    Establishing property mappings can be done on the Vault Client side, in the same section.  FS_Vault_Inventor_drawings_03.png    

    Alternatively, this can be configured in Inventor (if logged in with an administrative account) by accessing the Vault Options -> Revision table integration settings:



    2. Edit the revision table style to match the Vault definition

    The active standard dictates what style is used when a revision table is placed on a drawing. The Style and Standard editor can be accessed from the Manage tab:



    After being placed, a revision table can have its style changed to match a different style available in the library.


    As per the standard, the table style is Revision Table (ISO). This definition does not currently match what is configured in Vault as it uses the “Zone” property, which is not needed and the “comments” property is listed in the table as “description”. Of course, a new table style can be created from scratch and set as the default as well – in this scenario I chose to edit the existing default.


    To avoid confusion, the Column Chooser was used to remove the “Zone” property and the “Comments” property was labelled as Comments. The width of each column can be specified here too.



    These edits can be saved to the style library (given that the style library is Read-Write).


    3. Add a revision table to the drawing template

    Open the drawing template and place a revision table (Annotate tab- > Table panel).


    You will notice the table is following what was previously configured in the Styles manager.


    If the template is saved and a new drawing is created using this template, it will include the revision table and as the file is released, Vault property values will populate it.