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    by Dennis Collin


    A common question when training Revit is; I know I can tag all elements within a view, but is there a way to tag all those elements across many views?


    Fig. The  standard out of the box tool, Tag All only works on the current view.

    The answer is yes with Dynamo scripting. Indeed, Dynamo can be employed to do all kinds of tasks once the basics have been mastered. To achieve the task, install the Archilabs package which will help on tag positioning. The other nodes shown in the image below are all included as standard out-of-the-box tools.


    Fig. Dynamo script with a mix of standard and Archilab nodes.

    Once created, save the script in a suitable folder. This example works on floorplan view types, but by editing the codeblock string, other view types like sections or elevations could be specified instead. Alternate categories can be selected by choosing a different category on the category node.

    Occasionally when deleting and recreating tags, the new tags do not seem to show. If this happens switch to another view and then switch back. Or using the Zoom in and out command to refresh the screen. This can also be achieved with the refresh screen shortcut, CTRL+D.

    The Archlabs Package can be installed from the package’s manager, the process of which I outlined in a previous post here: