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    by Dennis Collin


    When working with Revit MEP there is often a need to be able to see where MEP ductwork and pipework clashes with walls and slabs and then create some coloured geometry where the clashes occur to indicate where holes need to be cut.


    Fig.  Revit MEP model showing hole positions highlighted in red.

    For tasks like this Dynamo scripting can be employed as it has several out of the box node types to select categories such as duct. To select elements within a linked file is more difficult, but can be achieved by using nodes from the Biomorph package and then perform an intersection operation.  Geometry can then be placed at intersections with a colour RGB node to ensure the holes display in a contrasting colour.


    Fig. Dynamo visual scripting can make tedious tasks so much easier!

    An important point to consider when creating this script is to ensure cross product lacing is set on the intersect geometry node to ensure all clashes in the model are considered.

    The Biomorph Packages can be installed from the package’s manager, the process of which I outlined in a previous post here: