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    by Martin Phelps

    After adding “Rooms” to the Revit model to create a “Room Schedule” the area displayed in the schedule, by default is in m².

    However, many users may still currently work in imperial units and required the area values to be displayed in ft².

    This can easily be obtained by adding an additional “Field” to the schedule.

    If the “Room Schedule” has been created, select the “Schedule”, make sure it’s active as shown in Figure 1.MP_Revit_room_schedule_01.png

    Figure 1.

    In the “Properties” dialogue box select the “Fields Edit” button to display the “Fields” tab in the “Schedule Properties” dialogue as shown in Figure 2.


    Figure 2.

    The current “Schedule Fields” are listed on the right in this case “Number”, “Name”, “Area” and “Perimeter”.

    Select the “Calculated Value” button as shown in Figure 3.


    Figure 3.

    The “Calculated Value” dialogue is displayed, as shown in Figure 4.


    Figure 4.

    Add a suitable name i.e. “Area Imperial”, leave the discipline as “Common”, change the “Type” to “Area” and in the “Formula” section either type “Area” or select the “Fields” button to select “Area” from the “Fields” list as shown in Figure 5.


    Figure 5.

    “OK” the “Fields” dialogue, “OK” the “Calculated Value” dialogue, the field has been added to the “Schedule Fields” list. However, it still will display the units as m².

    Select the “Formatting” tab in the Schedule Properties” dialogue, select the newly created “Field” (Area Imperial), then select “Field Format”, as shown in Figure 6.


    Figure 6.

    Remove the tick in the “Use Project Settings” box and from the “Units” dropdown list select “Square Feet”, the “Units Symbol” should automatically display “ft²”.

    Again “OK” the “Format” dialogue” and also “OK” the “Schedule Properties” dialogue. The new column is now added to the existing schedule as shown in Figure 7.


    Figure 7.