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    by John Flanagan


    Modify Layers using the Additional Layer Commands

    In AutoCAD we use the Layer Properties Manager to create new layers and change the properties or status of existing layers. The other layer commands on the layer panel often get overlooked. In Fig 1 below, the layer panel has been expanded and locked. The Highlighted tools are Change to Current Layer and Layer Merge.

    Fig 1: Additional Layer Commands         


    Change to Current Layer

    If you find objects that were created on the wrong layer, you can quickly change them to be on the current layer.

    How To: Change to the Current Layer       

    1. Click (Change to Current Layer).
    2. Select the objects that you want to place on the current layer.
    3. Press <Enter> to complete the command and note that the objects are moved to the current layer.


    You can reduce the number of layers in a drawing by merging them. Objects on merged layers are moved to the target layer and the original layers are purged from the drawing.

    How To: Merge Layers

    1. Click (Layer Merge).
    2. Select an object on the layer that you want to merge. You can select several layers before pressing <Enter> to continue. 
    3. Select an object on the target layer. 
    4. A warning box opens, listing the layers that you are going to merge into the target layer. If you type Y for Yes, the objects are moved to the target layer and the other layers are deleted from the drawing.

    Hover your cursor over the other layer management tools on the expanded layer panel and read the tooltip on their functionality. The example below shows the tooltip for the Layer Walk command.


    Conclusion:  Additional Layer Tools

    The additional layer commands in the Home tab> Layers panel can help you to work quickly with layers. They include commands that enable you to select layers rather than their names and to change their layer state or current status.