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    by Dennis Collin


    When producing drawings there is sometimes a need to put additional dimension notes to a dimension. Whilst additional text or leaders could be added separately, the note needs to be tied to the dimension and usually needs to be situated below the main value underneath the dimension line.

    For mechanical drawings it might be a note stating dimensions are measured from centres or that a setting out dimension is ‘typical’ and can be assumed for other areas of the drawing.


    Fig. The \X switch is required to straddle the measurement and note above and below the dimension line.

    This is easy to achieve, either use the edit text command or access the properties palette and place the notes in the Text Overrides field.


    NB. Remember that the “\X” switch is case sensitive. The <> symbol relates to the AutoCAD dimension measurement.


    Fig. The \P switch puts both the dimension and the note above the line, see below.


    Fig. The \P switch gives a different result.