AutoCAD Tip - Align Space Express Tool: Easily orient model space views to sheet

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by Dennis Collin



Fig. Trying to get a drawing to follow the main axis of a sheet can sometimes be a challenge!

Rotating a view within a viewport can be quite an involved process. However,  using the ‘ALIGNSPACE’ command from the Express Tools provides  a quick way to rotate the view within a model space viewport to coincide with a reference in on a sheet layout, all in a few mouse clicks!


Fig. the Align Space command is one of many useful functions in the Express tools’ menu!

In the image above the line defined between points Ref 1 and Ref 2 needs to follow the long axis of the sheet, marked with red lines. Selecting the Align Space command and picking the two points on the drawing and then the 2 points on the sheet aligns and scales the view as appropriate.


Fig. The correctly orientated view, aligned to the sheet



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