Revit Tip: Creating a Revision Tag from scratch

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by Dennis Collin


Although Revit has a revisions tag family loaded in some of the default project templates and the standard Metric library, it may be required to create the tag from scratch particularly if a particular font, line styles or visual style are required.

A revisions tag family is created in the same way as any component family.

Within Revit choose File>New>Family

Navigate to the family templates location and select Annotations>Generic Tag


The template chosen will initially only work with Generic Model categories, but by changing the family type, this can be altered to become a Revision Cloud tag.


It is striking a balance when sizing a Revisions Tag, it needs to be large enough to be noticed and to potentially cater for several revisions, but not so large that it gets in the way of the rest of the drawing. Reference lines can be used to aid in keeping the symbol in proportion and centred.


In the example below, the revisions symbol has been adjusted to make it more noticeable within a project. A label referencing the revision number has also been added.


This family can then be saved into the company’s standard library and loaded into a project template for use.


Within the template categories can be set so that the revision cloud and tag are clearly noticeable.


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