AutoCAD Tip – Embed Images into AutoCAD drawings

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by Dennis Collin


A common question that is asked by users is whether images can be embedded into a drawing, such as a company logo or graphic? Many users are familiar with the image attach option, which makes use of the External Reference environment. However, unlike referenced CAD files, image attachments have no bind or embed option. Therefore it is possible that when files are issued, error messages about missing files can occur.


Fig. Binding or embedding a CAD drawing is only a right click menu away!

By using Windows clipboard technology, it is possible to embed an image into an AutoCAD DWG file using the copy to clipboard and paste from clipboard function. A few things to consider however, the image needs to be less than 1MB in size and once embedded it cannot be rotated although it can be resized. Caution should be observed when embedding images as the process will make the drawing file size considerably larger.


Fig. Image attachments have no bind option

To embed the drawing, right click on the image file, choose Open with MS Paint or similar application.


Within the graphics application select the entire image (CTRL+A) and copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C).

Switch to AutoCAD and paste the image (Ctrl+V) into the AutoCAD drawing.


If a dialogue alert displays, select an appropriate font if applicable and click OK. The image should now display and be re-sized and positioned as appropriate.

Selecting the embedded image in the drawing shows the element as an OLE type of element. Layer properties and size can be altered, but if the image needs to be rotated it will need to be edited in the original application and re-imported.

However, as a benefit the image is embedded in the drawing file and can be issued as a complete file without having to use tools like Etransmit or having to set path options for reference files.


Fig. The embedded element properties in AutoCAD

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