What's new in MEPworx 2021

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Cadline is pleased to announce the launch of MEPworx 2021 (formerly Cymap).

This exciting new brand represents huge developments in functionality and our new vision for the future.

In this 2021 release, MEPworx offers some extensive enhancements as detailed below:

MECHANICAL – New Features

  • New improved intuitive interface.
  • MEPworx has an improved library which can be automatically regenerated in Revit via our MEPlinx interface module.
  • New intuitive project wizard for faster project set up, including the ability to import data from Part L level 5 dynamic thermal modelling systems.
  • Users can now describe any heating/cooling appliance, including 2 & 4 pipe fan coil units with the option to include manufacturers details, heating & cooling duties, physical dimensions and electrical load attributes.
  • More detailed schedules to now include items such as FCU’s.
  • Water content can now be calculated for boilers and FCUs to enable easy sizing e.g., pressurisation units.
  • Now compliant with the latest DW144 requirements for ductwork.
  • Updates to various databases, including radiators with new manufacturers ‘Grant Heating’ and ‘Comfort Heating’.

ELECTRICAL – New Features

  • New improved intuitive interface.
  • More detailed Electric Vehicle charging point data entry, to ensure compliance with new 18th Edition regs.
  • Now compliant with new protection measures for EV earthing in line with clause 722.531.3.101.
  • Includes facility to allow for mode 4 electric vehicle charging.
  • Now compliant with new regulations with the ability to calculate max earth electrode resistances for electric vehicle charging.
  • More comprehensive design capabilities with the ability to handle different earthing arrangements at board level instead of just project level.
  • Updated and additional discrimination tables in the switchgear databases. This enables accurate reporting of set discrimination combinations within manufacturers' empirical testing of their devices.
  • Updated switchgear databases including additional Hagar, Schneider, ABB and Siemens.
  • New CSV reports to clarify individual circuit diversities on schedules which will ensure correct cable sizing for distribution networks.


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