AutoCAD Tip – Reduce Info Centre extents to make identifying long filenames easier

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by Dennis Collin


Some AutoCAD drawings can have quite long filenames, this is to be expected when adhering to certain standards like PAS1192. In recent years AutoCAD has expanded its collection of toolbars and buttons and in certain cases, which when working with devices with small screens, like laptops it can be difficult to identify what drawing is being worked on.

In the example below a user has added additional commands to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) making it difficult to identify the name and location of the current document.


Fig. Above, notice a busy AutoCAD panel, by reducing the info centre panel, the full filename can be read. As shown in the image below.


By minimising the info centre or alternatively moving the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) below the ribbon, lengthy filenames and locations can be much more easily determined.

DC_ACAD_Reduce_info_04.jpgFig. in the image above the full filename and path can be read, by moving the QAT below the ribbon.

Personally, I find placing the QAT beneath the Ribbon menu preferable as it makes commonly used commands closer to a typical cursor position.

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