AutoCAD Tip: Easy way to achieve consistency in drawings, the Match Properties command!

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By Dennis Collin


Fig. All too often drawings are sent, with no layers set and/or with inconsistent object behaviour!

Many AutoCAD users find it immensely challenging to produce consistent drawings easily. Such challenges include ensuring elements are on the correct layers and annotations such as text, dimensions and hatching behave in a consistent way. All too often, drawings are issued with elements on incorrect layers or contain elements such as text manually scaled to make them readable on printed drawings.


Fig. The Match Properties command is a very useful ‘fix-it’ tool.

Fortunately, there is an easy-to-use tool to resolve this issue, Match Properties. This command is represented by a paint brush icon and can be used to ensure elements are situated on a consistent layer with easy to control display properties such as colour, linetype, linetype scale, transparency and lineweight.

For annotation elements, Match properties can be used to set consistent styles and annotative properties as well as hatch fill patterns and scales.


Fig. Accessing the Match Properties command via the right click menu

More recently the Match Properties command was updated to work with render materials and data tables.

To Match an Object property simply click the icon, (or type in the command) select the source object and then select the target object to paint the desired properties to. To complete the command either press ‘Return’ or the ‘Escape’ key.


Fig. Drawings produced to a sensible layer system and drawn consistently are much easier to work with and easier to read, understand and control.

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