Revit 2021: Revit Railings: Landing Height – Individual Segments

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by John Flanagan


Landing Height – Individual Segments

Revit has a built-in feature to adjust the landing height of railings. In the type properties of a railing, you will find the Use Landing Height Adjustment parameter. Check the box and enter a value. This way, you can have a different value when the railing is located on a landing (or floor).


This feature was covered in my last blog Revit Railings – Landing Height Adjustment (05/01/2021).

If you do not want to apply landing height correction in the railing type, you can apply the adjustment to a single railing path line. In the following example, we set a height correction value of 400mm to one of the railing path lines. This value will override any value set in the type properties of the railing.


Once you select the stair railing, left-click Edit Path on the ribbon. Click the landing segment that you want to make higher and type in the custom height adjustment on the Options Bar. The following illustrations demonstrate the steps to be taken.

Edit Railing Path


Finish edit mode.

One Railing Segment Raised


This override always has priority over values set in the railing type properties.

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