AutoCAD Electrical 2021 – Changing the Font Style of a Drawing / Project

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by Miles Nicholson


If you are using an old SHX font within your drawings, the SHX fonts are non-searchable within a PDF and also you are unable to navigate within the PDF. SHX fonts are considered to be legacy with TTF fonts replacing them. Therefore, what can you do to update an existing drawing or project?

It’s easy to change a font using the STYLE command, but this can be setup as a script process to run on an entire project, selected drawings or an individual drawing. As an example save the following text (shown in RED) in a text file and name the file CHANGEFONT.SCR. The ACADELEC_2021_MN02.jpg  represents a return or enter on the keyboard and should be removed from the text file:


To run on a drawing, type SCRIPT at the command line and browse for your SCR file location.

To run on an entire project, select the Project ribbon tab > Project Tools panel > ACADELEC_2021_MN04.png

Select ACADELEC_2021_MN05.jpg Run command script file

Browse ACADELEC_2021_MN06.png to your script file.


Select ACADELEC_2021_MN08.png


Select ACADELEC_2021_MN10.png

Select ACADELEC_2021_MN11.png


Select ACADELEC_2021_MN13.png (if prompted to save)


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