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    by David Crowther



    I have imported my OS MasterMap (OSMM) GZ tiles and when I run the GML Tiler it runs, but no tiles are created – why is this?


    One of the possible reasons for the tiler running and no tiles being created could be that there is no spatial index on your OSMM Table. Using SSMS check the Indexes on your OSMM Table to ensure that a Spatial Index has been created.


    If you try and run the GML Tiler when there is no Spatial Index on the OSMM Table.. in Step 5 where the Mashup Extents are calculated,.. because the source table has no spatial index the Min/Max Longitude and Latitude values will be blank! In the example below, this table has a spatial index so it can auto calculate the bounding box of the extents.


    If a spatial index does not exist, then you can use the GML Importer tool to run maintenance on your OSMM database and create the required index.

    … this option can be found in Step 3 of the GML Importer – Create Spatial Index on Table.


    Once the Spatial Index has been created, you can now re-run the GML Tiler and the tiles will create correctly.