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    by David Crowther



    I have a layer where the data is stored in PostGIS and when I try to show the layer in MapThat I get an error message saying that the field ‘X’ doesn’t exist – what is the reason for this?



    This issue will be linked to the case sensitivity of PostGIS.

    Before we detail the resolution to this issue, we would fully recommend that when working with a PostGIS database you should follow these rules:

    • Ensure your Database, Schema, Table and Field names are all in LOWER CASE
    • Do not include any SPACES or non-standard charactersg. &, %, /,£, () in any of the above

    However, where you do have a PostGIS Database with these issues, it is possible to show the layers and attributes within MapThat.  So, where you have any field where the field name has a mix of capital and lower case letters e.g. the field below called - Landowner


    When you create the MapThat bubble you will need to include quotes around the field name in the bubbles attribute record.

    For example adding “” around Landowner will ensure that the field now displays ok within MapThat.


    This will now ensure that the PostGIS field is queried by MapThat with its CASE intact i.e. it will be looking for a field named Landowner and not a field named landowner.



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