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    by Florentina Stirbu


    The list of available Feature control Frame symbols is defined in the Style Library. Under the Manage tab -> Styles Editor -> Feature control Frame boxes for all symbols that can be listed when inserting a Feature control frame into a drawing can be ticked/unticked as needed.



    If Save and Close is selected, this will save the style change in the active document. To have this in all documents, the change must be pushed to the style library. This requires the style library to be read-write. 

    Get started tab -> Projects 

    If the library is Read-Write, after changing the symbols list the Save button will be available.  



    The Feature Control Frame will be listed as being modified locally. Yes (in the "Save to library?" column) -> OK -> Yes.

    As the style library has been updated, existing drawing templates must be synced to reflect these changes. Templates can be updated by following this guide.