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by David Crowther

Cadline is pleased to announce we have added a new Report Generator Tool into MapThat.


The DynamicMaps WebGIS – MapThat – is used to help many of our clients interrogate and analyse their spatial assets. One of the core tasks it performs for our Local Authority Land Charges Teams is to help them to identify any Constraints that would impact a new Planning Application.


By using the Area Search tool, users can draw the proposed Planning Application boundary and then run an Area Search analysis to identify features from multiple layers, such as Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, Building Control etc…. that geographically interest that boundary.




The results of the Area Search can then be exported into an XLS document, so users can then create their Con29 Reports.


While the Area Search tool definitely makes the process of identifying Constraints easy, we also wanted to make the generation of the output report as simple as possible for our users, to increase efficiency gains and allow our users to process applications more quickly.


The Report Generator Tool allows our MapThat users to utilise any number of bespoke report templates, which can be changed depending on the reports you wish to run. This means the Report Generator Tool can easily be configured by our users to auto create reports, including Con29 Report, Flood Analysis Reports, Pupil Catchment Analysis etc.


To run the report, the MapThat users utilise our intuitive Drawing Tools to draw the proposed boundary and completes some key information, such as the Report Name (type) that wish to run, some notes and a Search Number as a reference.




As soon as they press Save, the Report is auto run and ready to download in seconds.




The creation of the MapThat Report Generator tool now makes the end to end process of running Con29 Reports as efficient as possible. There is now no need to export results out to an XLS file, to then run complex macros to create your reports manually. The Report Generator has streamlined this process, making efficiency gains which can be utilised across all your project teams.


If you are interested in MapThat and our Report Generator Tool please contact your Cadline Account Manager.


Try it for yourself on our TryMapThat website.

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