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    by Garry Stockton

    In Revit 2021, Autodesk included its first Generative Design tools directly within Revit. Additional information can be found at Autodesk’s new Generative Design Primer  (https://www.generativedesign.org/) to learn more. Another resource is their eBook titled Demystifying Generative Design (PDF download link).

    To access the new tools go to the Manage tab and you’ll find the new functionality - Create Study and Explore Outcomes.


    Clicking Create Study reveals three pre-built examples; Maximize Window Views, Three Box Massing and Workspace Layout as shown below. Note that you can create custom studies as well. When a script is run, six instances of Dynamo run to calculate the solutions.


    The results can be revisited via the Explore Outcomes dialog shown below. Previous runs are listed on the left. Clicking one shows the outcomes to the right. If a preferred solution is found, click the Create Revit Elements button in the lower right in this example below, the desks will be placed in the room.