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    by Dennis Collin


    AutoCAD has many useful add-ins on the App store. This Grid Line creation recently caught my eye.

    The Grid Line Add-In draws a grid line with automatic labelling. It provides options to specify line extension length, label indicator, label frame dimension and label height.


    To access any of the options, just select the relevant command line prompts. There are also options for labelling start, end or both ends of the grid lines.


    I found for best results it may be worth setting a grid snap prior to the routine to ensure lines start points are aligned in the same axis.

    Some options that would be useful is perhaps the specifying of a layer (although this could be done before executing the routine.) Perhaps also utilise attributed bubbles for the Grid Lines although edits can easily be achieved with commands like Stretch.

    This Add-in is free to download from the App store and can be accessed here:


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