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    by John Flanagan


    Stair Tread / Riser Number

    The Tread Number tool is used to apply stair/riser numbers to selected stair runs in the plan, elevation, or section views.

    You can specify an offset distance from the stair path for displaying the tread or riser numbers. You can change the starting number and the sequence of numbers is updated automatically.

    Click on the Tread Number tool from the Tag panel in the Annotate tab of the Ribbon. The options to insert the tread number will show in the Properties Palette as shown.


    Set the required parameters in the Properties Palette and click the desired reference line of the stair to add the tread numbers. The tread/riser numbers will appear.

    Stair/Riser Number Tag – Plan View


    Stair/Riser Number Tag – Section View


    • For a component-based stair, you can display tread/riser numbers for a stair run in plan, elevation or section view.
    • As with any annotation, these numbers are only visible in the view in which they were placed.

    Note: The tread/riser annotation cannot be added to a sketch-based stair.