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    by Matt Lees


    It’s the phrase I’ve questioned and tested for years.... 

    One system will never do it all. However, somewhere there WILL be one version of the truth, but it could be spread across any number of locations.... Have a think about that for a minute. 

    As industry moves towards full cloud ☁️ adoption and digitisation, we now have a plethora of digital solutions at our disposal. Great for providing the right tool for the job, not so great for further spreading the truth around. 


    After we have embraced ISO 19650 for BIM, after we spread ourselves far and wide from the office, we must now leverage the Asset Information Model. To bring the truth back together. 

    The AIM typically contains data from design, construction and commissioning, supplemented with ongoing data from operations, maintenance and minor and major changes, along the life cycle of that asset. The data is a mix of geometry (drawings, surveys, GIS data and 3D models), structured data (database records describing components, sensor data, IOT, etc) and documents (O&M manuals, contracts, spare parts data, etc).


    So let me take you back to the original phrase, and lets swap it about slightly. I’m using the new phrase "A Single View of the Truth". 

    Think beyond your 3D models, and imagine a 'Navisworks for everything'... An easy to use, front end, AIM platform with a kick ass mapping function to boot! Over the last 12 months I have helped shape DynamicAIM to be just that. 

    By integrating that plethora of systems, we’re not reinventing the wheel. We’re just realigning the spokes....  

    DynamicAIM is currently being successfully deployed by a number of UK Housing Associations, Councils, Universities plus Manufacturing & Plant based clients. Choose yourself 15 minutes in our diary for a quick Teams demo HERE!



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