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    by Dennis Collin


    AutoCAD blocks often have textual information attached to them. This information can be all kinds of data. Most typically it would be a drawing title sheet holding such information as Project information, drawing scale, author and date. However other situations are possible including door symbols in architectural plans, building service equipment in MEP drawings and structural information in structures projects.


    Fig. Attributes are commonly used on title blocks

    To edit this information is very easy to do, simply select the attributed block and either edit the data fields in the properties window or use an attribute editing command like EATTEDIT or DDATTE. These commands can also be accessed via right click menus.


    Fig. Right click menu options, EATTEDIT and DDATTE commands are commonly used to edit attributed blocks

    Whilst the commands work well, it can be a little time consuming if just one piece of information needs to be changed, as searching for the correct field can involve some scrolling around sizable dialogue boxes.


    Fig. The Properties palette can also be used!

    A useful tip therefore is to use the CTRL key whilst selecting the attributed symbol. This will permit the editing of the selected attribute directly as if it were just conventional text!


    Fig. Whilst the standard methods work, holding down the CTRL key when selecting attributed blocks for editing is faster and more intuitive!

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