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    by John Flanagan


    Modifying Material Assets

    The Material Assets tool in the Additional Settings drop-down menu is used to define material assets for Revit elements.

    To Edit an Asset

    1. Click Manage tab > Settings panel > Additional Settings drop-down > Material Assets. The Asset Editor opens with no loaded assets.


    2. Click on the Asset Browser button at the bottom left of the dialogue box. The Asset Browser opens.

    Asset Browser Dialogue Box


    3. Double-click on the required material. The related options will be displayed in the Asset Editor.


    4. Modify the parameters in the various rollouts as required and then click the OK button. The selected material will be modified accordingly.

    Note: If you edit an asset that is used in a project, that asset will change in any other material in the project that also uses that asset. You must replace or duplicate the asset in order for the asset to be different than the asset selected in your original material.