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    by John Flanagan


    Propagate Steel Connections

    Easily propagate a selected standard steel connection or parametric cut in the current project.

    The selected connection will be applied everywhere in the model, where an identical context is found.

    To propagate a standard steel connection:

    1. Select a standard steel connection. There are over 100 standard steel connections available in Revit. You can load and use these connections in your model:    Revit_prop_steel_conn_JF_02.png                           
    2. Right-click and select Propagate Connection from the contextual menu.
    3. The selected connection is recreated on similar input situations in the current project.

    In the illustration below, a clip angle steel connection has been placed to the beam members.


    Select the single clip angle and on the right click menu, select propagate connection. The clip angle now joins all similar beam connections.

    Revit_prop_steel_conn_JF_04.pngTo complete the above exercise, load detailed structural connections from the database.

    1. Click Steel tab > Connection panel > (Connection Settings). The Structural Connection Settings dialog opens.
    2. On the Connections tab, specify the structural connections to load. Filter by Connection Group to narrow the list of available connections.
    3. Click OK to load the specified connections. 

    Before propagating a connection, consider the following:

    • You can only propagate standard steel connections and parametric cuts. Generic connections and custom steel connections cannot be propagated.

    Note: I have shown my connections in red for clarity.