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    by John Flanagan


    Spot Slope Dimension

    The Spot Slope Dimension tool displays the slope at a specific point on a face or an edge of a model element.

    You can place spot slopes in plan views, elevation views, section views and 3D views.

    In the example below we want to place a spot slope dimension on the inclined partition wall.

    Fig 1:  Spot Slope Dimension


    • Click on the Spot Elevation tool from the Dimension panel in the Annotate tab of the Ribbon. You will be prompted to select a point on the inclined wall whose slope is to be inserted.
    • Click at the required location on the wall. You will be prompted to define the side of the wall on which the slope dimension is to be placed.
    • Click on the desired side of the wall. The dimension will be placed as shown.
    • Select the Spot Slope Dimension and in the Properties Palette add a Prefix or Suffix to the dimension text as shown.


    • With the Spot Slope Dimension still selected, click edit type and in the Edit Type dialogue box click to the right of the Unit Format tab to access the Unit Format options.


    Select the required units, level of rounding and unit symbol that you want for your Spot Slope Dimension.

    Note: In an elevation view you can change the slope arrow to a slope triangle symbol. Simply select the Spot Slope Dimension and at the top of the Properties palette change the slope representation from an arrow to a triangle.





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