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    by Dennis Collin


    For many years AutoCAD has had a useful set of tools which makes certain tasks a lot easier to perform. A general overview of them can be found here:



    Fig. Sample linetype definition drawn in real world plotted units.

    One of these tools is a linetype creation tool that is useful for building service plans and site survey drawings. Rather than editing a text file (typically ACADISO.LIN) a bespoke linetype definition is simply drawn at desired plot size.


    NB: If using Text strings for complex linetypes ensure that text elements are single line entities rather than multi-line text.


    These elements can then be selected and saved to a library file and recalled when needed to either a project drawing or saved to a project template.


    The bespoke linetype can then be assigned to objects or layers as desired.


    Fig. Bespoke Linetype in a typical building plan