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    by John Flanagan


    Sheet Issues / Revisions

    The Sheet Issues / Revisions tool is used to manage sheet issue numbers and revision numbers. You can also use this tool to control the visibility of tags.

    To Issue a Revision

    1. In the Revit project, click View tab > Sheet Composition panel > Sheet Issues/Revisions. Alternatively, click on the Sheet Issues/Revisions tool from the Additional Settings drop-down in the Manage tab.

         The Sheet Issues/Revisions dialogue box will open. 


    Click in the various fields to modify the values. To add a revision, click the add button.

    1. In the Sheet Issues/Revisions dialog, do the following:
    • For Issued to, indicate the person or organisation to whom the revisions will be issued.
    • For Issued by, indicate the person or organisation who will issue the revision.
    • Check the other values for the revision row (such as Date and Description). Update them if needed.
    • Select Issued.


    Most of the revision row displays as read-only. After selecting Issued, you cannot make further changes to the revision information.

    Note: If you need to change revision information after issuing the revision, clear Issued, make the changes and then select Issued again.

    • Click OK.
    • Print or publish the revised sheets.



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