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    by John Flanagan


    Transfer Project Standards

    The Transfer Project Standards tool copies selected project settings from another open project to the current project.

    Project standards include family types, line weights, materials, view templates and object styles.

    To transfer project standards

    1. Open the first project file from which you want to transfer project standards in Revit.
    2. Open the second project file in which you want to transfer the project standards.
    3. Click the Manage tab on the Ribbon and then click the Transfer Project Standards tool from the Settings panel. The Select items to Copy dialogue box will be displayed.


    1. Select check boxes for items to be copied in the current project and click OK. If there are duplicates then the Duplicate Types dialogue box will be displayed.


    • Overwrite: Transfers all new project standards and overrides duplicate types.
    • New Only: Transfers all new project standards and ignores duplicate types.
    • Cancel: Cancels the operation.

    Click the desired button to transfer items.

    The following items do not transfer between projects:

    • Floor Plan and Ceiling Plan view types
    • Elevation view types
    • Section view types
    • Visibility settings for Revit links