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    by Garry Stockton

    1. Use only letters A-Z, hyphen, underscore and numbers 0-9 for all fields.
    2. All fields shall be separated by a hyphen character “-” Do NOT use spaces.
    3. Within a field, either CamelCase or an underscore “_” shall be used instead of a space to separate words.
    4. A single period character "." shall be used to separate the file name from the extension. This character should not be used anywhere else in the file name.
    5. The file extension shall not be amended or deleted.
    6. An “XX” shall be used if the file does not refer a single specific zone or level.
    7. The scheme for zone and level sub-division shall be agreed with the other project professionals at the outset and defined in the Project BIM Strategy document.
    8. Elements where a naming convention is not explicitly defined by this Standard shall adopt the naming convention of existing elements and prefix with a 3- character abbreviation to identify corporate author.


    Image courtesy of Autodesk




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