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    by Dennis Collin


    AutoCAD has been around for many years and runs smoothly, however at times odd things can happen, dialogue boxes disappear, tool palettes don’t display even when enabled and a quick fix is required to  minimise down time.

    I wrote a post last year on resetting the AutoCAD profile, that does reset and solve many issues:


    However, If resetting the AutoCAD user profile doesn’t solve the problem, then another approach is to Reset AutoCAD back to default settings. For AutoCAD for Windows, run the app named Reset Settings to Default, located within the list of all applications accessed from the Windows Start menu.

    For example:  Windows 10: Start > AutoCAD 20xx > Reset Settings to Default

    Note: Earlier AutoCAD versions on Windows 10 may have the reset option located under a general Autodesk group instead of the specific AutoCAD version.

    The following example shows Reset Settings to Default as in Windows 10 for AutoCAD 2021:


    Follow the prompts and after a few minutes AutoCAD will be set back to its ‘factory’ defaults.