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    by Dennis Collin


    A common question that I get asked is - is there an easier way to batch renumber elements such as doors, windows or other similar Revit components? The answer is yes, via either Dynamo scripting or via an add-in that utilises the API (programming environment). Several add-ins are available on the App store. Some are chargeable, but there are a few free apps that may be of interest. The Reordering tool from DiRoots is very useful in renumbering all elements in a view, project or just a selection of elements as required.


    Fig. DiRoots’ renumbering tool interface is easy to use with options to choose selection options, category and parameter to edit

    Categories and individual elements can also be specified either from a list or from a crossing or vertex selection via use of a detail line. The elements can then be assigned a starting number and prefix or suffix as appropriate.


    Fig. Using a detail line to select custom arrangement of objects using crossing option

    At present the add-in doesn’t seem to include mechanical, plumbing or electrical items, although most typical architectural and structural categories do appear in the list. Hopefully this will be addressed in a later release.


    Fig. List of some supported categories.

    If the automated numbering sequence doesn’t suit, it is possible to export the data out to an Excel file, edit it and then read it back into the project and populate the chosen parameters with the modified values.


    This Add-in works with Revit versions 2016-2021 and is available from the App store here:


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