People Flow Tools for Revit 2020/2021

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by Garry Stockton

This add-on provides tools to help you design spaces with considerations for physical distancing guidelines. In the current climate you may find this add-on useful.

The People Flow Toolkit add-on provides additional tools for use with route analysis tools. The tools are used to help you design spaces in and around your design that meet physical distancing guidelines. The people flow toolkit tools are found on the Analyse tab on the ribbon.

The tools included in the People Flow Toolkit are:

  • Multiple Paths- Multiple routes between points for a path of travel are created simultaneously with a minimum separation distance.
  • One Way Indicator- Places a family in the model to indicate the direction of travel. The family is respected by the path of travel calculations.
  • People Content- Places a family in the model to represent occupancy of a space and block path of travel lines.
  • Spatial Grid- Places a room-based grid overlay to visualise spatial distancing in the room. You can choose either Hexagon or Squares. Simply create rooms in your Model Environment and the Grid will be inserted into the room of your choice.


Note: The People Flow Toolkit is an add-on that must be installed separately. Download the add-on from your Autodesk Account or access the toolkit via your Autodesk Desktop App (See below).


It downloads and saves under the Analyse Tab.



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