Enscape 2.9 now available!

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By Dennis Collin


A new version of Enscape is now available with many new features and enhancements. Version 2.9 has many new features making visualising models and impressing clients even easier and quicker.


New features include Enscape’s new ability to make use of existing assets from other packages. The Asset library window has a new tab, custom Assets where single or multiple models can be imported. Upon completion of the import process the asset editor will display the imported geometry and materials in a preview window. At present some FBX materials may need a little rework to get them looking as desired.


Compatible file formats include OBJ, FBX and GLTF types. The files will need to be modelled as low polygons with less than 20,000 faces for optimum performance. It is also possible to use models from 3rd party sites if it is a supported format with the prerequisite face count.


Other new features are hundreds of new assets including fitness-based gym equipment. Also, the ability to have an offline asset library. Enscape 2.9 also now works with Vectorworks 21.


Materials have also been improved with clearer textures, displacement maps and the addition of video textures making interior and exterior visuals even more compelling.

For a trial version and further information and visuals visit www.Enscape3D.com .

Enscape_2.9_DC_06.jpgFig. Enscape’s easy to use tools sit within the host application in this case within Revit’s ribbon menu.

Enscape is available as an add-in to Revit as well as Sketchup, Vectorworks, Rhino and ArchiCAD. For further information on Enscape, Unity and other visualisation options visit www.cadline.co.uk and use the online chat or alternatively call one of the team on 01784 419922.

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