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    by Dennis Collin


    Revit has a wide range of modification tools to create and modify elements. The copy command is often used to repeat common component elements such as a light fitting, furniture or air terminals. For sketched system components like Ductwork, pipework and walls the Copy command doesn’t work so well, because it effectively just creates a cloned object, whereas pipework and ductwork might need to be drawn at different lengths.


    Fig. The copy command highlighted is a very useful command but for some components there is a better option.

    The Create Similar command provides a different approach to copy elements. Simply select an element that needs to be repeated, right click and choose the create similar command. This will then create an identical component with the same type, parameters and offsets etc, but let the user specify the new length and location.


    Fig. Create Similar is a useful tool whether drawing building services, structural or architectural components



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