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    by Dennis Collin


    There is often a need to show an Excel table within an AutoCAD drawing. Typically, this object is usually a schedule or similar that needs to be presented alongside relevant drawings. In the past many users tend to use the old OLE method (Object Linking and Embedding), however in my experience this process is not very reliable and limits how the table object looks and can be customised. In addition, should the original file change, the table would need to be manually removed and reinserted causing unnecessary rework.


    Fig. Linked Excel table within AutoCAD!

    Fortunately, there is a better option, using AutoCAD’s (and LT’s) data link facility. This command provides a far greater level of control as it creates a link from the original Excel document to an AutoCAD table object. If the original Excel document is amended, then a notification will appear to refresh the table keeping the records synchronised.


    Fig. AutoCAD’s Data Link command can be accessed in several different ways!

    To create a data link, the simplest method is to create an AutoCAD table using the data link option as shown.


    Point the new data link to the relevant Excel file and configure the options as required and then click OK to place the linked table within the drawing.


    If the original Excel file is altered, then a notification message will appear within AutoCAD offering to update the table links.


    Should this be missed or dismissed, then an update table link option will be available by selecting the table object and right clicking.


    The good news for AutoCAD LT users is that this function is available to you as well! This and other related functions are common questions asked on our many training courses.

    Tables, schedules and advanced blocks are just some of the topics that are covered on an AutoCAD Intermediate course. For more details on both scheduled and custom AutoCAD courses please visit https://training.cadline.co.uk/ or talk to one of the team on 01784 419922 or via the site’s live chat facility.