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    by David Crowther


    MapThat webGIS can connect to many Basemap sources e.g. OpenStreetMap, OS PSGA Raster Map, Google etc….. and by following the blogs below you can also setup your own MapBox Account to access a range of Open Source mapping resources.

    In October 2020, MapBox decommissioned a number of their standard Basemap styles, which meant that any current MapBox Basemap URL ceased to work in your mapping application e.g. QGIS, MapThat etc.

    So to get your MapBox Account updated, follow the steps below to utilise the new Styles and apply those to your MapBox Basemaps, so you can then use the updated URLS for your Basemaps within MapThat.

    1 – Login to your MapBox Account


    2 – Choose to open the MapBox Styles page – using the Astronaut logo and choosing Studio.


    This will list your current MapBox Studio Styles within your account.


    3 – Update an existing Style

    If there are any outdated Styles, these will be listed with the VIEW UPDATES green box to the right of the Template.


    To update the Style for this Template, click View Updates and the following box will popup.


    You can choose to REVIEW the updated Style before you update it. This opens another pop out window with a mini map that shows what the style looks like now on the left and what the updated Style will look like once applied on the right.


    If you wish to proceed and update the Style associated to this Template, choose Save as New.


    You should then review the new Style Template and edit the styles using the panel on the left.


    Note - Now that you have updated the Style Template associated to this basemap, you can share it and use the updated URL to then update your current MapBox Basemaps in MapThat. Follow the steps in the next section, where you will SHARE a New Style to get the updated URL for MapThat or QGIS etc...

    4– Create a New existing Style

    In  addition to updating existing Styles you can also create New Style/Templates.

    From the Styles Page choose New Style.


    And then choose a Template that you wish to use as the basis for the new Style….


    for example choose Outdoors.


    Choose the Customise button.



    And the Style Template will be shown in a map window, where again you can change the Style options if needed.


    If you now return to the Styles page you will see the new Style has been added to your Template list.


    If you wish to now use this new Style Template you can choose the Share button to the right of the Template name.


    The Sharing options then appear, where you can share on the web, in iOS, Android and in other Third Party Applications.


    In the Developer Resources at the bottom, choose Third Party and change the drop down to be FULCROM.


    If you now copy the URL, this can be used to Create or Update your Basemaps within MapThat. Simply copy the URL into the MapThat Admin forms > Base Map Layers > Basemap URL.

    MapBox – Navigation Dark


    MapBox - Light




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