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    by John Flanagan


    Inserting Dynamic Blocks

    Inserting dynamic blocks follows the procedures that is used when inserting standard blocks. However, dynamic blocks can include special insertion options: insertion point cycling and automatic alignment.

    • Only blocks that are created with these features have this functionality.
    • Some dynamic blocks are annotative and are automatically scaled according to the Annotation scale that is set in the Status Bar.

    How To Insert a Block Using Automatic Alignment

    1. Click on the block in the tool palette. (You cannot click and drag drop the block for this to work).
    2. Move the cursor toward the object to which you want to align the block.
    3. When the block is aligned properly as shown, click to place it.



    • Object snaps work with the Alignment option. To place the block anywhere along the line, you may want to turn off the default object snaps or use the Nearest osnap.



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