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    by David Crowther



    Can I show a different Bubble for the same Layer to two different MapThat Users?


    Yes – In MapThat V5 and onwards, Bubbles are now associated to a ROLE and a LAYER. This means that one Layer can be associated to and show multiple Bubbles. This is particularly useful if you wish to show one User all the fields of data from the layer, but another User only show them the non-sensitive fields in that Layer.

    In your MapThat Admin Forms, find your Layer and choose the Role Layer Bubble Tab at the top. Here you can choose to associate each ROLE that accesses this Data Layer with the same or different Bubbles. As per the example below, we have associated the Leisure Centre Layer to two different Bubbles and depending on the Role that the User logs in with, they will see their associated bubble.


    If the Read Only User logs into MapThat (using the Role of Read Only)  and views the Leisure Centres – the Layer uses the simplified (Read Only) Bubble with less attributes.


    However when the ADMIN User logs into MapThat (using the ROLE of Admin)  and views the Leisure Centres – the Layer uses the more detailed Admin Bubble.


    This is an improvement to MapThat that should reduce the number of duplicate Data Layers you may have used.



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