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    by David Crowther



    Does MapThat have a Zoom Bar?


    Yes – In MapThat V5 and onwards we have introduced a Zoom Bar to the mapping interface.

    By default, your MapThat Project will have individual Zoom In and Zoom Out icons in the bottom left of the map.


    You can use the Plus and Minus Magnification glasses to zoom into and out from the map. Remember, you can also use your mouse wheel to also zoom in and out quickly from the map.

    However,  if you are using MapThat without a Mouse, it can be difficult to zoom in and out using the simple plus and minus Magnification glasses! So, we have re-introduced the Zoom Bar/Slider, which allows you to drag the Zoom Bar up and down to zoom in and out quickly.

    The zoom Bar (Slider) is positioned in the bottom left of the mapping interface just above the Baselayer Picker.


    And it moves with the map if the left hand Layers Panel is hidden.


    Simply hold onto the bar in the Zoom Slider an drag it up and down and the map will zoom in and out from the maps current centre.

    Zoomed Out


    Zoomed In


    The Zoom Bar can be configured to show per Project. This will be done at Project Level in the MapThat Admin Forms. Simply tick the SHOW ZOOMBAR tick box.



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