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    by David Crowther



    How do you set a Layer in MapThat to Auto Show at Project Startup?


    Pre MapThat V5, the option to Auto Show a Layer at Project Startup was a tick box setting in the Layer properties. You simply edited the Data Layer and ticked the Display Startup option and the next time you open your MapThat Project that Layer is auto ticked and shown.


    However, as one layer can be shared across Tree Headers and shown in different Projects, there can be the need to Auto Show the Layer in one Project (Tree) and not Auto Show the Layer in another Project (Tree).  Historically in order to do this you would have to create multiple copies of the same Layer.

    In MapThat V5 and onwards, the option to Auto Show a Layer is now set at Tree (Layer Header) level. This means that one Data Layer can be shown in multiple Trees (Layer Headers) and set to Auto Show in one but not in another!

    For example, to set my Liverpool Boundary Layer to auto Show, I simply find and edit my Boundaries Tree (Layer Header) in the MapThat Admin Forms and tick the Display at Startup box for that layer.


    This now means, that the Liverpool Boundary Layer is set to Show at Startup, but only when revealed in this Tree (Layer Header). I can always decide to Auto Show the same Layer in another Tree if needed.




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