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    by Gary Mann

    I am sometimes asked “how do you log out of the current user once you have clicked remember credentials?”

    For many of us, remembering the password is a chore best left to a password manager, a paper list or the “Remember Me” option. But if you are currently in the office hot desking or out of office, somebody else may wish to use the same computer as you last used and closing Cymap will free the License for somebody else to use, but it will still remember you at the next login, as that is what you selected.

    So, to log out or change the User details this is what you do:

    On the Home page select >About>This Software is licensed to; >Your Name<
    Clicking on >Your Name< will allow the user to Log out or log in as someone else.


    Caution! Reserving a Licence will ensure that the licence will not be available to anyone else to use regardless of the person who reserved it being un-contactable or on leave.


    Tip - When asked for a password that contains a minimum of eight characters, I always use

    Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.

    I hope that you found this useful.

    Please email me if you have a particular interest or requirement.

    Thank you.  At your service - gary.mann@cadline.co.uk



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