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    by Dennis Collin



    Numbering up equipment in AutoCAD can be a little tedious as it involves having to create new text objects and then editing the labels individually. The full AutoCAD comes with an out of the box set of Express tools that makes this task a little easier. Ref Blog here:


    However, there is a free add-in that takes this functionality even further from creating an automatic incrementing text with numbers, characters or roman numerals etc. Alternatively perform a find and replace function, adding a prefix, separator and numbers according to position.

    The Add-in will work with text, multi-line text or attribute objects and provides more placement and formatting options than the aforementioned AutoCAD Express tool.


    Simply place the text where required, or if using the Automatic function select the annotation that is to be replaced and finish.

    The add-in can be downloaded and installed from here:


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